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Why Cognitive Preferences Matters

The Assessment reveals what catches your attention, what can miss your attention, what raises your energy, what can deplete your energy.

It seems simple, but it's an opening to your authentic self. It's you before you hesitate, catch yourself, self-censor, adapt to expectations. And, yes, we all live in a world of rules and expectations. At the same time, at Kairos, we think the authentic and reflexive you is you at your most interesting and generative.

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"This is the only assessment I have used in my career that provides instant clarity. Unlike many other performance tools we have used in the military, it provides real-time insights into our behaviors and thinking--as well as easy steps we can employ immediately.”

John Michel

Its been life changing.

Louis Kim

Discovering what’s really under the hood of your car can make a world of difference in how you drive and utilize its power. The Kairos Survey does the same thing for the mind, producing awareness for creating the best strategies for our own thinking and working. It has been a brilliant resource for me personally, as well as for hundreds of our clients.

David Allen

"Understanding my cognitive preferences was not only a game changer for understanding myself better but also with my relationship with my daughter Annie, my co-workers and personal relationships. I now have the strategies I need to go through the day with the energy and attention I need in order to thrive both personally and professionally."

Meg Edwards

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Discover how our work helped Cady on the International Space Station

Embrace Differences

Even if you and I, right now, stood in the same place at the same time and looked together in the same direction, we’d have a different experience.

We’d have all the same data flowing to us from the same universe, but we take a different sample of it. For some of us, our samples are a little different. Sometimes, they’re so different, we can wonder if we’re the same species.

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