Coffee and conversation

I’m sitting here getting ready to write this post with my go-to mug in my hand.

For me, this mug is perfect. It fits my hand in a comfortable way. It has a satisfying heft. The heat of the coffee penetrates the ceramic as warmth without burn. It holds the exact amount to sip my way from groggy to alert without refilling. The handle is so perfect, I never noticed it ’til now. It’s solid-color red ombre. Easy to spot; not distracting. Notwithstanding its perfection, it’s ephemera and ultimately replaceable.

Next to it right now is a palm-sized cup. It holds ⅓ the volume. The rim curves inward so awkward to sip and a bit drippy. No handle. Fired clay: not ceramic, so more fragile.It looks like the mud it started as. A hot beverage is too hot to hold. If I need a drink, and it’s all that’s available, it’ll do.

Comparing the essential quality: how well does the thing do what it’s supposed to do, both of them will do. At the same time, the red mug is perfect. When available, it’s the only choice.

My little mud cup, though, holds an amazing story. An individual in the valley that now hold Mexico city made it 3000 years ago. A person made vertical lines down the sides that are uneven: and, therefore, deeply personal. When I hold it, I am ephemera.

I’ve told you nearly everything I have to tell about the red mug. Ask me about the cup, and I can launch a graduate seminar :) It may surprise you, they have a similar market value.

According to our data, approximately half of you are more attracted to my red ombre mug, and the other half is more attracted to my cup. Let us know where you stand, by voting on our instagram story.

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